Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

About 6 weeks after childbirth , it’s time to start your Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation.

Pelvic-perineal dysfunctions, are the most common diseases in women after pregnancy. Urinary incontinence and genital prolapsy, often associated, are the most important consequences of childbirth and are determined by specific alterations in the structure of neurological and musculo-fascial pelvic support.

It has been demonstrated that pregnancy itself, by mechanical changes of pelvic statics and changes in hormones, can be a significant risk factor for these diseases. Especially is the first child to be decisive for the stability of the pelvic floor.

Pregnancy is associated with a decrease in perineal muscle strength and endurance compared with the previous state. The degree to which women improved or did not improve perineal muscle function after birth was related to perineal trauma at delivery.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation aims to restore proper function of the perineal musculature through pelvic muscle re-education.

I use biofeedback and electric stimulation with a specific equipment  YSY Evo 2

With the Rehab techniques , we can improve

Pelvic Floor pain in dyspareunia

Weak pelvic floor function

Stress incontinence

Urge incontinence

Mixed incontinence